The Idea

The entrepreneurial couple Klaus und Steffi Meffert, based in Bad Kreuznach, have realized the idea to create and build a 4-star hotel with a one of a kind restaurant in the industrial area of Bad Kreuznach. The Rhein-Main-Nahe area has been enriched with a new fine address. Today, the Otto-Meffert-Street 1 is home to the Leonardo Hotel as well as the ›La Cave‹ Restaurant & Wine Bar. You will love it.

Unternehmerfamilie Klaus und Steffi Meffert aus Bad Kreuznach

About us

“Our concept ›La Cave‹ always puts something delicious on the plate and a premium treat from the wine cellar in the glass,” says host Steffi Meffert.
The enthusiastic concept of ›La Cave‹ Restaurant & Wine Bar is the idea, of bringing great food, outstanding wines, and interesting people together.
The young kitchen team offers Mediterranean cuisine with regional influences – light, always fresh, and only ingredients of the highest quality. German classics complete the menu, whose products are preferably obtained regionally. 
“We provide the highest quality and best products at the same time – if it is for a business lunch or a cozy dinner.” 

Our service team is led by Restaurant Manager Garis Suwara who is always happy to help you with any wishes or questions. Additionally, our highly skilled Event Manager Laura Spindler is important to be mentioned here. She will be your contact person to make any event a highlight.
›La Cave‹ Restaurant & Wine Bar offers a festive atmosphere for up to 120 persons – in the summertime, our terrace offers 60 additional seats. Our comfortable lounge areas are welcoming our guests to enjoy an after-dinner drink and come together.

The highlight of the restaurant: the 8m (26ft) long wine cabinet made of glass. The centerpiece of the restaurant and home to about 600 bottles of international red wines. 

“Our house represents sustainable enjoyment and a feelgood atmosphere.” Klaus Meffert, Investor

The accessible Leonardo Hotel offers WiFi as well as SKY channels in all 91 rooms free of charge and is the most state-of-the-art and best-rated hotel in Bad Kreuznach. The 5 story building was built in 2018 with CO2 neutral building technology. You can find the geothermic energy concept here.

Our efficient ventilation technology is specialized in reaching a 5-time fresh air exchange in the whole building. 

The special ambiance, the local connection, as well as the love for detail are the reason for this hotel’s wellness factor. The hotel additionally offers a spa area and gym. 

The hotel welcomes you to enjoy a good glass of wine in the open lounge, lobby, and bar area. Our goal is to make you feel good and welcomed. 

Wi-Fi access is available for you in the whole building.

Additionally, the hotel offers 120 free parking spaces, as well as Tesla- and E-charging stations. Don’t drink & drive.

You can make room reservations here.

Unser Küchenchef Kevin Jerome Büchner

are the better

Our menu

Cooking is our passion! The ›La Cave‹ cuisine has been something special all along. It is Mediterranean, aromatic, as well as “typically German”. Enjoy our well balanced and light cuisine that doesn’t only focus on luxury, but on great basic products, handmade broths, and fine contrasts. The dishes on the menu are always aligned with our wine menu. 

Lunch Table


Dear guests,

it was and remains our claim to keep our food on a high level and to offer the appropriate 
sophisticated service. 
This has also always applied to the low-priced lunch of our 2-course menu for 15€. 
The enormous rise in food prices and the increase in personnel and energy costs 
unfortunately allow only one economically unavoidable decision:

        we offer our lunch table for the last time on August 11, 2023.

We thank you very much for your loyalty and hope that you will continue to visit our restaurant in the evenings.
In warm weather, our beautiful garden terrace invites you to spend a pleasant evening.
Our seasonal and regional cuisine, in combination with a selected wine and cocktail menu can be enjoyed 
enjoy daily, without closing day, from 6 pm.

We count on your understanding and continue to look forward to your visit 

Klaus and Steffi Meffert
and the team of La Cave Restaurant & Wine Bar
at the Leonardo Hotel

Lunch Table


from December

... you will find our current weekly lunch menu here.

Lunch Table


from December

... you will find our current weekly lunch menu here.

Lunch Table


from December

... you will find our current weekly lunch menu here.



Vorspeise &

Klare Brühe von Rind und
Geflügel mit Zimthuhn
Merenberger Basilikum und
Das Weiße vom Lauch
vom Kamado-Grill
Ziegenkäse, Sonneblume,
Dill-Öl, krosse Tapioka


Souffliertes Artischockenherz
Schellfisch-Loin mit Wollsauspeck

Geschmorte Lammstelze

mit Bärlauchblütensenf
... jeweils mit gegrilltem
Chicorée, Kartoffelmousseline,
Orangensalat und Walnuss


Apfel-Rahm-Eispraline und
warmer Nougat
Haselnuss, Schokocrumble
und prickelnder Berberitze





The sauce captures
the triumph of the taste 
of culinary art


Wine is our passion! A nice bottle of wine is the center of attention in our restaurant concept for wine connoisseurs, savorers, and those, who aspire to become one. In our restaurant ›La Cave‹ we prefer to serve wines from the Nahe region; a great selection of well-renowned wineries with different types of grapes and vineyards. Pure indulgence! Our extraordinary wine cabinet is home of ready-to-drink red wines from France, Spain, and Italy. Of course, you can also enjoy wines of well-known wineries of the famous region of Bordeaux at an adequate price. You should try them. 

›La Cave‹ - the best wine cellar in Bad Kreuznach.

Unsere Weine

Wine improves with age.
The older I get,
the better I like it.

Bar & Lounge

We want you to feel comfortable in our hotel. In addition to our wine list, we also offer cocktails and long drinks in our bar and lounge area. Of course, we invite you to also enjoy a nice glass of sparkling wine or a bottle of our house brand Laurent Perrier champagne. Feel free to enjoy yourself and relax in our Hotel. 

Unser Restaurant

Life is like
a cocktail.
Sometimes refreshingly sweet,
sometimes heavy and bitter.


Company celebrations
Family parties

Whether you want to celebrate with your family, have the wedding of your dreams, or a convention – 4 state-of-the-art convention rooms as well as the ›La Cave‹ restaurant offer the perfect location for your event. This location offers to host up to 400 people. Together, we prepare your event on a professional basis – beginning with the beverage selection, to the table decorations, as well as the menu or buffet selection.

The overall area is 450m² (4,800 ft2) and allows to flexibly combine the four banquet rooms into one. The window facades ensure that every room is well-lit – your receptions, conferences, or banquets will most definitely be held in a classy atmosphere. All convention rooms are accessible from the outside and offer additional outdoor space for your utilization. 

All rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and media technology. Furthermore, every room can be completely darkened if desired, which completes the variety of our selection.

Special Events

In addition to our restaurant and the bar and lounge area, we are offering the actual La Cave wine cellar for exclusive events. To celebrate in this location, where the most expensive wines in the world ripen, makes this location very special. 

For more than three decades, Klaus Meffert has bought every wine that combined great drinking pleasure with durability. He has been collecting great wines, with a preference for the classics from Bordeaux, and agrees with Victor Lanson of the champagne house Lanson who once claimed: “I am preparing wine for myself. What I cannot drink myself, I am going to sell!” Klaus Meffert, who has been storing his treasures for many decades, knows that he will not be able to drink them all himself. In the ›La Cave‹ wine cellar as well as in the restaurant, Mister Meffert offers his rarities at a fair price. A pleasure for everybody who enjoys the fine taste. 
A unique ambiance, exclusive atmosphere, and fine wines create something new that has not existed on this level in Bad Kreuznach yet. The wine cellar has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology to store wines such as a 1996 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, 1er cru classé from Paulliac, a 2000 Chateau Mouton Rothschild, 1er cru classé, or a 2005 Chateau Margaux, 1er cru classé. In these perfect conditions, these wines can mature for decades. »The wines are tasted in the cellar itself, or in the dining room. The perfect space for all connoisseurs of fine wines.«


You sit comfortably at a generous table together and enjoy Bordeaux with horizontal and vertical tastings. Great bottles and rarities are available on request and these can cost up to 2.000 Euro and more. Those who know their way around: there is never a shortage of culinary delights here. The adjoining kitchen provides the fitting delights. 

need advance planning


Top quality, the most regional produce and fair relationships have been important to us from the start. Then and now, our philosophy has always been to focus our guests’ attention on food producers in the local area. That is what makes our concept so different – and special! It is not just about the culinary aspect, but about a new way of dealing with and participating in the riches of nature and the environment. Redefining words like ‘origin’ and ‘identity’. At ›La Cave‹, we want to show that this philosophy can be tasted and enjoyed with a clear conscience.

Think globally,
act locally


Restaurant & Wine Bar
at the Leonardo Hotel Bad Kreuznach
Otto-Meffert-Straße 1
55543 Bad Kreuznach
Tel. 0671 - 97 00 3333


Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday from 6 p.m

Closed on Sundays!

We are open on the following Sundays:

Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024

Mother's Day, May 12, 2024

Whitsun Sunday, May 19, 2024

and on November 3rd, 2024


Are you motivated, ambitious, and always have the bigger picture in mind, even in stressful situations?

We offer interesting positions in all working hour models

What we offer:
- A permanent employment contract
- Performance-based pay
- Work clothes incl. cleaning
- Staff discounts and other benefits throughout the Fattal Hotel Group
- Special benefits